With your ALIAE A79 Télépéage badge, you are automatically detected by the gantry on free-flow motorways such as the A79, and you benefit from the convenience of Télépéage on all French motorways.

You also benefit from discounts of up to 60% on your journeys made on the A79.

Discounts up to
-60% on your A79 journeys

You receive discounts on your journeys on the A79, depending on the number of sections taken in the month: 
- from 10 to 19 sections: 20% discount
- from 20 to 39 sections: 30% discount
- from 40 to 89 sections: 50% discount
- 90 or more sections: 60% discount

A section is counted as soon as a gate is crossed on the section.

Offer reserved for light vehicles of classes 1, 2, 5.

Commissioning fees and 12 months of monthly management fees France offered on the ALIAÉ A79 Electronic Toll Collection offer registered before 30/06/2023, with the code ALIAE. Offer valid for all new subscriptions, cannot be combined with other promotions. Tolls, parking fees and associated services (ferries) not included. 

Offer details

Start-up fees
Prix TTC
11,00 €
Management fees Monthly Spain/Portugal (travelled day)
Prix TTC
2,40 €
Monthly management fee France (free for unused months)
Prix TTC
1,70 €
Card delivery costs
Prix TTC
4,00 €
Delivery fees outside France
Prix TTC
10,00 €

Sections - A79



Télépéage Fulli

Details and benefits


Discounts on your A79 journeys

You benefit from discounts of up to 60% on your A79 journeys, depending on the number of sections taken in a month.


Valid on all French motorways...

Your badge is valid on all French motorways, with or without a toll barrier, such as the A79. It is even valid in Spain and Portugal.


Valid in more than 900 identified car parks

Access our car parks in France, Spain and Portugal, and pay with your Fulli electronic toll badge.


An easy-to-manage online customer account

Track your spending and your invoices, order a new badge, amend your services: manage your entire account.

Télépéage Fulli

Frequently asked questions

What is Free Flow?

To find out more about the Free Flow, go here ! 

Is my badge valid on the A79 and also at the traditional toll booth?

Yes, your Télépéage badge allows you to travel on all motorways in France, with or without a toll barrier.

Can I travel abroad with my offer?

Yes, this offer allows you to travel in Spain and/or Portugal for €2.40/month where you use your Télépéage badge in these countries. If you never travel to Spain and/or Portugal, you will not pay anything for this service.

How soon will I receive my Fulli badge?

Your badge will be shipped within 2 working days.

How do I know the class of my vehicle and whether this offer is suitable?

This offer is available for class 1, 2 and 5 vehicles. Please see the details of the vehicle classes here.

I am a professional, can I subscribe to this offer?

If you are a professional, go here to benefit from this offer. 

With Fulli's A79 offer, you can also save money with Electronic Toll Collection.